Celtic Pride 1996

Two over-loyal Celtic fans kidnap their opponent's star player in order to guarantee their team the championship.

All Titles
  • BR: Lance Livre Lance Livre
  • BG: Гордостта на *Селтикс* Гордостта на *Селтикс*
  • CA: Fanatique des Celtiques Fanatique des Celtiques
  • DE: Das große Basketball-Kidnapping Das große Basketball-Kidnapping
  • GR: To kamari ton Celtics To kamari ton Celtics
  • GR: Το Καμάρι των Σέλτικς Το Καμάρι των Σέλτικς
  • HU: Csont nélkül Csont nélkül
  • HU: Csont nélkül Csont nélkül
  • IT: Celtic Pride - Rapimento per Sport Celtic Pride - Rapimento per Sport
  • JP: Dunk Brothers Dunk Brothers
  • PL: Duma kibica Duma kibica
  • PT: A Claque do Celtic A Claque do Celtic
  • RO: Totul pentru Celtic Totul pentru Celtic
  • RU: Баскетбольная лихорадка Баскетбольная лихорадка
  • RS: Keltski ponos Keltski ponos
  • ES: Locos por el básquet Locos por el básquet
  • TR: Çilgin Fanatikler Çilgin Fanatikler
Directed by Tom DeCerchio
Artists Dan Aykroyd
as Jimmy Flaherty
Christopher McDonald
as Coach Kimball
Damon Wayans
as Lewis Scott
Release date 19 Apr 1996
Genre Comedy Sport
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