Carriers 2009

Four friends fleeing a viral pandemic soon learn they are more dangerous than any virus.

All Titles
  • The Untitled Pastor Brothers Project
  • AR: Portadores Portadores
  • BR: Vírus Vírus
  • BR: Vírus Mortal Vírus Mortal
  • BG: Носители Носители
  • CA: Infectés Infectés
  • CL: Portadores Portadores
  • HR: Epidemija Epidemija
  • FR: Infectés Infectés
  • DE: Carriers - Flucht vor der tödlichen Seuche Carriers - Flucht vor der tödlichen Seuche
  • GR: Πανδημία Πανδημία
  • HU: Víruscsapda Víruscsapda
  • IL: Ha'nasa'im Ha'nasa'im
  • IT: Carriers - Contagio letale Carriers - Contagio letale
  • JP: Phase 6 Phase 6
  • JP: Fueezu 6 Fueezu 6
  • MX: Portadores Portadores
  • PE: Portadores del mal Portadores del mal
  • PL: Zabójczy wirus Zabójczy wirus
  • PT: Pandemia Pandemia
  • RO: Purtatorii Purtatorii
  • RU: Носители Носители
  • RS: Epidemija Epidemija
  • ES: Infectados Infectados
  • ES: Infectados (Carriers) Infectados (Carriers)
  • ES: Infectats Infectats
  • SE: Carriers Carriers
  • TR: Veba Veba
Directed by David Pastor Àlex Pastor
Artists Christopher Meloni
as Frank
Piper Perabo
as Bobby
Josh Berry
as Survivalist
Release date 01 Oct 2009
Genre Drama Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
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