Captive State 2019

Set in a Chicago neighborhood nearly a decade after an occupation by an extraterrestrial force, 'Captive State' explores the lives on both sides of the conflict - the collaborators and dissidents.

All Titles
  • AR: La rebelión La rebelión
  • BR: A Rebelião A Rebelião
  • CA: État captif État captif
  • CA: Captive State Captive State
  • CL: La rebelión La rebelión
  • CO: La rebelión La rebelión
  • FR: Captive State Captive State
  • DE: Captive State Captive State
  • GR: Πόλη υπό Κατοχή Πόλη υπό Κατοχή
  • HU: Elrabolt világ Elrabolt világ
  • IE: Captive State Captive State
  • IT: Captive State Captive State
  • JP: キャプティブ・ステイト キャプティブ・ステイト
  • MX: La rebelión La rebelión
  • PE: La rebelión La rebelión
  • PL: Rebelia Rebelia
  • PT: Captive State - Cercados Captive State - Cercados
  • RU: Битва за Землю Битва за Землю
  • RS: Duboka država Duboka država
  • SI: Obsedeno stanje Obsedeno stanje
  • ES: Nación cautiva Nación cautiva
  • TR: İstila Altında İstila Altında
  • UA: Битва за Землю Битва за Землю
  • UA: Captive State Captive State
Directed by Rupert Wyatt show all movies of Rupert Wyatt
Artists John Goodman
as William Mulligan
D.B. Sweeney
as Levitt
Alan Ruck
as Charles Rittenhouse
Release date 15 Mar 2019
Genre Drama Sci-Fi Thriller
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