Captain Blood 1935

After being wrongly convicted as a traitor, Peter Blood, an English physician, is sent to exile in the British colonies of the Caribbean, where he becomes a pirate.

All Titles
  • Одиссея капитана Блада
  • Unter Piratenflagge
  • AR: El capitán Blood El capitán Blood
  • AT: Unter Piratenflagge Unter Piratenflagge
  • AT: Kapitän Blood Kapitän Blood
  • BE: Capitaine Blood Capitaine Blood
  • BE: Kapitein Blood Kapitein Blood
  • BR: Capitão Blood Capitão Blood
  • BR: O Capitão Blood O Capitão Blood
  • BG: Капитан Блъд Капитан Блъд
  • CA: Captain Blood Captain Blood
  • DK: Kaptajn Blod Kaptajn Blod
  • FI: Kapten Blood Kapten Blood
  • FI: Kapteeni Blood Kapteeni Blood
  • FI: Captain Blood Captain Blood
  • FR: Capitaine Blood Capitaine Blood
  • DE: Unter Piratenflagge Unter Piratenflagge
  • GR: Captain Blood Captain Blood
  • GR: Η επέλασις της ελαφράς ταξιαρχίας Η επέλασις της ελαφράς ταξιαρχίας
  • GR: Κάπταιν Μπλουντ Κάπταιν Μπλουντ
  • HU: Blood kapitány Blood kapitány
  • HU: Halálfejes lobogó Halálfejes lobogó
  • IS: Víkingurinn Víkingurinn
  • IT: Capitan Blood Capitan Blood
  • JP: Kaizoku Buraddo Kaizoku Buraddo
  • MX: Capitán Sangre Capitán Sangre
  • NL: Kapitein Blood Kapitein Blood
  • NO: Kaptein Blood Kaptein Blood
  • NO: Kaptein Blod Kaptein Blod
  • PL: Kapitan Blood Kapitan Blood
  • PT: O Capitão Blood O Capitão Blood
  • RO: Căpitanul Blood Căpitanul Blood
  • ES: El capità Blood El capità Blood
  • ES: El capitán Blood El capitán Blood
  • SE: Kapten Blod Kapten Blod
Directed by Michael Curtiz
Artists Olivia de Havilland
as Arabella Bishop
Errol Flynn
as Peter Blood
Basil Rathbone
as Levasseur
Release date 28 Dec 1935
Genre Action Adventure
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