Café Metropole 1937

In Paris, a young American is in debt to a nightclub owner, who forces him to woo an heiress in hopes of reaping her fortune.

All Titles
  • Кафе 'Метрополь'
  • AT: Café Metropole Café Metropole
  • BE: Café Métropole Café Métropole
  • BR: Café Metrópole Café Metrópole
  • DK: Café Metropole Café Metropole
  • FI: Cafe Metropole Cafe Metropole
  • FR: Café métropole Café métropole
  • DE: Café Metropol Café Metropol
  • GR: Cafe Metropole Cafe Metropole
  • HU: Café Metropole Café Metropole
  • IT: Caffè metropole Caffè metropole
  • PT: Café Metrópole Café Metrópole
  • ES: Café Metropol Café Metropol
  • YU: Kafe Metropol Kafe Metropol
Directed by Edward H. Griffith
Artists Tyrone Power
as Alexander Brown aka Alexis
Demetrius Alexis
as Gambler
Lynn Bari
as Cafe Patron
Release date 07 May 1937
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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