Buck Privates Come Home 1947

Two ex-soldiers return from overseas--one of them having smuggled into the country a French orphan girl he has become attached to. They wind up running into their old sergeant--who hates ...

All Titles
  • Солдаты возвращаются домой
  • Buck Privates Return
  • Zwei trübe Tassen - vom Militär entlassen
  • BE: 2 GI démobilisés 2 GI démobilisés
  • BE: 2 G.I. gedemobiliseerd 2 G.I. gedemobiliseerd
  • BR: Dois Recrutas Voltam Dois Recrutas Voltam
  • DK: Dødskørsel Dødskørsel
  • DK: Maven ind - brystet frem Maven ind - brystet frem
  • FI: Sotapojat saapuvat siviiliin Sotapojat saapuvat siviiliin
  • FR: Deux nigauds démobilisés Deux nigauds démobilisés
  • GR: Oi dyo Giannides apostratevontai Oi dyo Giannides apostratevontai
  • HU: Abbott és Costello: Az újoncok hazatérnek Abbott és Costello: Az újoncok hazatérnek
  • IR: Ashkhorha be Khane Bazmigardand Ashkhorha be Khane Bazmigardand
  • IT: Addio all'esercito Addio all'esercito
  • MX: Vuelven los reclutas Vuelven los reclutas
  • PT: Abbott e Costello Automobilistas Abbott e Costello Automobilistas
  • ES: Vuelven de la guerra Vuelven de la guerra
  • SE: Olycksfåglarna i toppform Olycksfåglarna i toppform
  • UA: Rookies Come Home Rookies Come Home
Directed by Charles Barton show all movies of Charles Barton
Artists Eddie Acuff
as Soldier
Ernie Adams
as Tie Demo Bystander
Release date 04 Apr 1947
Genre Action Comedy Family Romance
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