Brother Bear 2003

When a young Inuit hunter needlessly kills a bear, he is magically changed into a bear himself as punishment with a talkative cub being his only guide to changing back.

All Titles
  • Tierra de osos
  • Bears
  • AR: Tierra de osos Tierra de osos
  • BR: Irmão Urso Irmão Urso
  • BG: Братът на мечката Братът на мечката
  • CA: Mon frère l'ours Mon frère l'ours
  • CL: Tierra de osos Tierra de osos
  • HR: Legenda o medvjedu Legenda o medvjedu
  • DK: Bjørnebrødre Bjørnebrødre
  • EE: Vennad karud Vennad karud
  • FI: Karhuveljeni Koda Karhuveljeni Koda
  • FI: Björnbröder Björnbröder
  • FR: Frère des ours Frère des ours
  • DE: Bärenbrüder Bärenbrüder
  • GR: O adelfos mou, o arkoudos O adelfos mou, o arkoudos
  • GR: Ο αδελφός μου, ο αρκούδος Ο αδελφός μου, ο αρκούδος
  • HU: Mackótestvér Mackótestvér
  • IT: Koda, fratello orso Koda, fratello orso
  • LT: Brolis lokys Brolis lokys
  • MX: Tierra de osos Tierra de osos
  • NO: Min bror bjørnen Min bror bjørnen
  • PE: Tierra de osos Tierra de osos
  • PL: Mój brat niedźwiedź Mój brat niedźwiedź
  • PT: Kenai e Koda Kenai e Koda
  • RO: Fratele Urs Fratele Urs
  • RU: Братец медвежонок Братец медвежонок
  • RS: Brat meda Brat meda
  • SK: Medvedí Bratia Medvedí Bratia
  • SI: Medvedja brata Medvedja brata
  • ES: Hermano oso Hermano oso
  • ES: Germà os Germà os
  • SE: Björnbröder Björnbröder
  • TR: Ayi kardes Ayi kardes
  • UA: Братик ведмедик Братик ведмедик
Directed by Aaron Blaise Robert Walker
Artists D.B. Sweeney
as Sitka
Rick Moranis
as Rutt
Joaquin Phoenix
as Kenai
Release date 01 Nov 2003
Genre Animation Adventure Comedy Family Fantasy
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Brother Bear 2003