Broken Vows 2016

A charming yet troubled man spirals into a rage after being rejected by the woman he initially seduced.

All Titles
  • BG: Нарушени клетви Нарушени клетви
  • FR: Dangereuse attraction Dangereuse attraction
  • DE: Ein tödliches Versprechen Ein tödliches Versprechen
  • IT: Seduzione fatale Seduzione fatale
  • MX: Obsesión Obsesión
  • RU: Нарушенные обеты Нарушенные обеты
  • ES: Promesas rotas Promesas rotas
  • SE: Dark Secrets Dark Secrets
  • UA: Broken Vows Broken Vows
  • VN: Bôi Tín Bôi Tín
  • CA: Broken Vows Broken Vows
  • CA: 3 from Hell 3 from Hell
  • FR: Dangereuse attraction Dangereuse attraction
  • IO: Broken Vows Broken Vows
  • MX: Obsesión Obsesión
  • PL: Mordercza miłość Mordercza miłość
  • VN: Bội Tín Bội Tín
Directed by Bram Coppens
Artists Wes Bentley
as Patrick
Ruben Pla
as Doctor
Van Epperson
as Joshua
Release date 11 Oct 2016
Genre Drama Thriller
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