Broken City 2013

In a city rife with injustice, ex-cop Billy Taggart seeks redemption and revenge after being double-crossed and then framed by its most powerful figure: Mayor Nicholas Hostetler.

All Titles
  • AR: Broken City Broken City
  • BR: Linha de Ação Linha de Ação
  • BG: Корумпиран град Корумпиран град
  • CA: Emprise sur la ville Emprise sur la ville
  • CL: Ciudad de sombras Ciudad de sombras
  • HR: Slomljeni grad Slomljeni grad
  • CZ: Zlomene mesto Zlomene mesto
  • EE: Rikutud linn Rikutud linn
  • DE: Broken City - Stadt des Verbrechens Broken City - Stadt des Verbrechens
  • GR: Broken City Broken City
  • HU: Megtört város Megtört város
  • IL: Ir shvura Ir shvura
  • JP: Burôkun Shiti Burôkun Shiti
  • LT: Žlugęs miestas Žlugęs miestas
  • MX: Ciudad de sombras Ciudad de sombras
  • PE: Ciudad de sombras Ciudad de sombras
  • PL: Władza Władza
  • PT: Cidade Dividida Cidade Dividida
  • PT: Broken City Broken City
  • RO: Orasul corupt Orasul corupt
  • RU: Город порока Город порока
  • RS: Slomljeni grad Slomljeni grad
  • SI: Podkupljeno mesto Podkupljeno mesto
  • ES: La trama (Broken City) La trama (Broken City)
  • TR: Bitik Sehir Bitik Sehir
  • UA: Гниле мiсто Гниле мiсто
  • VN: Thành Phô Tôi Ác Thành Phô Tôi Ác
Directed by Allen Hughes
Artists Russell Crowe
as Mayor Hostetler
Mark Wahlberg
as Billy Taggart
Griffin Dunne
as Sam Lancaster
Release date 18 Jan 2013
Genre Crime Drama Thriller
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Broken City 2013