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Brian Banks 2018

A football player's dreams to play in the NFL are halted when he is wrongly convicted and sent to prison. Years later, he fights to clear his name within an unjust system.

All Titles
  • AU: Brian Banks Brian Banks
  • CA: Brian Banks Brian Banks
  • FR: Brian Banks Brian Banks
  • JP: ブライアン・バンクス (映画) ブライアン・バンクス (映画)
  • RU: Брайан Бэнкс Брайан Бэнкс
  • ES: Brian Banks: nunca es tarde Brian Banks: nunca es tarde
  • UA: Браян Бенкс Браян Бенкс
  • UA: Brian Banks Brian Banks
Directed by Tom Shadyac
Artists Morgan Freeman
as Jerome Johnson
Greg Kinnear
as Justin Brooks
Matt Battaglia
as Pete Carroll
Release date 09 Aug 2019
Genre Biography Drama Sport
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Brian Banks 2018