Boy Meets World 1993

An adolescent with two siblings tests his various theories about life as he endures the trials of growing alongside a good friend.

All Titles
  • Aprendiendo a vivir
  • BE: De wereld om de hoek De wereld om de hoek
  • BR: O Mundo É dos Jovens O Mundo É dos Jovens
  • HR: Dječak upoznaje svijet Dječak upoznaje svijet
  • FI: Isojen poikien leikit Isojen poikien leikit
  • FR: Incorrigible Cory Incorrigible Cory
  • DE: Das Leben und ich Das Leben und ich
  • GR: Ένα Αγόρι Γνωρίζει τον Κόσμο Ένα Αγόρι Γνωρίζει τον Κόσμο
  • HU: A kis gézengúz A kis gézengúz
  • IT: Crescere che fatica Crescere che fatica
  • MX: Aprendiendo a vivir Aprendiendo a vivir
  • NO: Du store verden! Du store verden!
  • NO: Et gutteliv Et gutteliv
  • PL: Chłopiec poznaje świat Chłopiec poznaje świat
  • PT: O Rapaz e o Mundo O Rapaz e o Mundo
  • RO: Cory si restul lumii Cory si restul lumii
  • RU: Парень познает мир Парень познает мир
  • RS: Dečak upoznaje svet Dečak upoznaje svet
  • ES: Yo y el mundo Yo y el mundo
  • TR: Boy Meets World Boy Meets World
Artists Yasmine Bleeth
as 1 episode, 1995
Ariana Richards
as 1 episode, 1996
Nicole Eggert
as 1 episode, 1999
Release date 24 Sep 1993
Genre Comedy Drama Family
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