Boom Town 1940

Two buddies who rise from fly-by-night wildcatters to oil tycoons over a twenty year period both love the same woman.

All Titles
  • Шумный город
  • AR: El fruto dorado El fruto dorado
  • AU: Boomtown Boomtown
  • AT: Die Stadt der Glücksjäger Die Stadt der Glücksjäger
  • BR: Fruto Proibido Fruto Proibido
  • DK: Hvor olien sprang Hvor olien sprang
  • FI: Humukaupunki Humukaupunki
  • FR: La fièvre du pétrole La fièvre du pétrole
  • DE: Der Draufgänger Der Draufgänger
  • HU: Olajváros Olajváros
  • IT: La febbre del petrolio La febbre del petrolio
  • MX: El fruto dorado El fruto dorado
  • PL: Goraczka nafty Goraczka nafty
  • PT: Dois Contra o Mundo Dois Contra o Mundo
  • ES: Fruto dorado Fruto dorado
  • ES: El fruto dorado El fruto dorado
  • SE: Glädjestaden Glädjestaden
Directed by Jack Conway
Artists Clark Gable
as Big John McMasters
Spencer Tracy
as Square John Sand
Claudette Colbert
as Betsy Bartlett
Release date 30 Aug 1940
Genre Adventure Drama Romance Western
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Boom Town 1940