Bones 2005

Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan and cocky F.B.I. Special Agent Seeley Booth build a team to investigate murders. Quite often, there isn't more to examine than rotten flesh or mere bones.

All Titles
  • Brennan
  • BE: Bones Bones
  • BG: Кости Кости
  • HR: Kosti Kosti
  • CZ: Sberatelé kostí Sberatelé kostí
  • EE: Kondid Kondid
  • FR: Bones Bones
  • DE: Bones - Die Knochenjägerin Bones - Die Knochenjägerin
  • GR: Bones Bones
  • HU: Dr. Csont Dr. Csont
  • IT: Bones Bones
  • LT: Kaulai Kaulai
  • MX: Bones Bones
  • PL: Kosci Kosci
  • PT: Ossos Ossos
  • RO: Cititorii de oase Cititorii de oase
  • RU: Кости Кости
  • RS: Bouns Bouns
  • SK: Kosti Kosti
  • SI: Kosti Kosti
  • ES: Bones Bones
  • UA: Кiстки Кiстки
  • UY: Bones Bones
Artists Adam Baldwin
as 1 episode, 2006
Denise Crosby
as 1 episode, 2007
Robert Picardo
as 1 episode, 2014
Release date 13 Sep 2005
Genre Comedy Crime Drama Mystery Romance
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Bones 2005