Bombshell 2019

A group of women decide to take on Fox News head Roger Ailes and the toxic atmosphere he presided over the network.

All Titles
  • CA: Bombshell Bombshell
  • AR: El escándalo El escándalo
  • AU: Bombshell Bombshell
  • BR: O Escândalo O Escândalo
  • BG: Бомба със закъснител Бомба със закъснител
  • CA: Bombshell Bombshell
  • CA: Scandale Scandale
  • CN: 爆炸新闻 爆炸新闻
  • EE: Pommuudis Pommuudis
  • FI: Bombshell - hiljaisuuden rikkojat Bombshell - hiljaisuuden rikkojat
  • FR: Scandale Scandale
  • DE: Bombshell Bombshell
  • GR: Βόμβα Βόμβα
  • HU: Botrány Botrány
  • IO: Bombshell Bombshell
  • IE: Bombshell Bombshell
  • IL: Ptzatza Ptzatza
  • IT: Bombshell Bombshell
  • LV: Skandāls Skandāls
  • LT: Skandalas Skandalas
  • MX: El escándalo El escándalo
  • NZ: Bombshell Bombshell
  • PL: Gorący temat Gorący temat
  • PT: Bombshell - O Escândalo Bombshell - O Escândalo
  • RU: Скандал Скандал
  • RS: Оне су бомбе Оне су бомбе
  • ES: El escándalo (Bombshell) El escándalo (Bombshell)
  • TR: Skandal Skandal
  • UA: Секс-бомба Секс-бомба
  • UA: Bombshell Bombshell
  • CA: Fair and Balanced Fair and Balanced
Directed by Jay Roach
Artists Nicole Kidman
as Gretchen Carlson
Charlize Theron
as Megyn Kelly
Malcolm McDowell
as Rupert Murdoch
Release date 20 Dec 2019
Genre Biography Drama
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