Blown Away 1994

An Irish bomber escapes from prison and targets a member of the Boston bomb squad.

All Titles
  • AT: Explosiv Explosiv
  • BR: Contagem Regressiva Contagem Regressiva
  • BG: Взрив Взрив
  • CA: Billets pour l'enfer Billets pour l'enfer
  • DK: Sidste nedtælling Sidste nedtælling
  • FI: Räjähdyspisteessä Räjähdyspisteessä
  • FR: Blown Away Blown Away
  • DE: Explosiv - Blown Away Explosiv - Blown Away
  • DE: Explosiv Explosiv
  • GR: Ekrixi Ekrixi
  • GR: Έκρηξη Έκρηξη
  • HU: Időzített bomba Időzített bomba
  • IT: Blown Away - Follia esplosiva Blown Away - Follia esplosiva
  • LT: Sprogimo banga Sprogimo banga
  • MX: Lluvia de fuego Lluvia de fuego
  • PE: Lluvia de fuego Lluvia de fuego
  • PL: Eksplozja Eksplozja
  • PT: Chuva de Fogo Chuva de Fogo
  • RO: Teroare în Boston Teroare în Boston
  • RU: Подрывники Подрывники
  • RU: Взорванная жизнь Взорванная жизнь
  • RS: Bombaš Bombaš
  • SI: Pis Pis
  • ES: Blown Away (Volar por los aires) Blown Away (Volar por los aires)
  • SE: Tidsfrist noll Tidsfrist noll
  • TR: Nefes Nefese Nefes Nefese
Directed by Stephen Hopkins show all movies of Stephen Hopkins
Artists Tommy Lee Jones
as Gaerity
Jeff Bridges
as Dove
Cuba Gooding Jr.
as Bomb Squad Class Member
Release date 01 Jul 1994
Genre Action Crime Drama Thriller
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