Blades of Glory 2007

In 2002, two rival Olympic ice skaters were stripped of their gold medals and permanently banned from men's single competition. Presently, however, they've found a loophole that will allow them to qualify as a pairs team.

All Titles
  • AR: Patinando a la gloria Patinando a la gloria
  • BR: Escorregando para a Glória Escorregando para a Glória
  • BG: Кънки с тъп връх Кънки с тъп връх
  • CA: Les rois du patin Les rois du patin
  • EE: Uisuprofid Uisuprofid
  • EE: Uljad uisuvelled Uljad uisuvelled
  • FI: Hokkarihemmot Hokkarihemmot
  • FR: Les rois du patin Les rois du patin
  • DE: Die Eisprinzen Die Eisprinzen
  • GR: Xepatinage Xepatinage
  • GR: Ξεπατινάζ Ξεπατινάζ
  • HU: Jégi dicsőségünk Jégi dicsőségünk
  • IT: Blades of Glory - Due pattini per la gloria Blades of Glory - Due pattini per la gloria
  • LV: Uz Slavas Asmens Uz Slavas Asmens
  • LT: Paciuzomis i slove Paciuzomis i slove
  • MX: Deslizando a la gloria Deslizando a la gloria
  • PL: Ostrza chwaly Ostrza chwaly
  • PT: A Glória dos Campeões A Glória dos Campeões
  • RO: Tăişul gloriei Tăişul gloriei
  • RU: Лезвия славы: Звездуны на льду Лезвия славы: Звездуны на льду
  • RS: Ledom do slave Ledom do slave
  • ES: Patinazo a la gloria Patinazo a la gloria
  • TR: Zafer Patenleri Zafer Patenleri
  • VN: Vu Khúc Vinh Quang Vu Khúc Vinh Quang
Directed by Josh Gordon Will Speck
Artists William Fichtner
as Darren MacElroy
Will Ferrell
as Chazz Michael Michaels
Will Arnett
as Stranz Van Waldenberg
Release date 30 Mar 2007
Genre Comedy Sport
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