Big Time Rush 2009

Four hockey players from Minnesota aspire to become a boyband. Kendall, Logan, Carlos, and James embark on a life-changing journey and face challenges along the way.

All Titles
  • One 4 All
  • RU: Вперед - к успеху! Вперед - к успеху!
  • RS: Big tajm raš Big tajm raš
  • ES: Big Time Rush Big Time Rush
  • TR: Big Time Rush Big Time Rush
  • UY: Big Time Rush Big Time Rush
Artists Scott Baio
as 1 episode, 2013
Ed Begley Jr.
as 2 episodes, 2010
J.P. Manoux
as 1 episode, 2013
Release date 28 Nov 2009
Genre Comedy Family Musical
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