Beyond Glory 1948

Thinking he may have caused the death of his commanding officer Captain Daniels in Tunisia, Rocky visits Daniels' widow. She falls for him, he falls for her, she encourages him to go to ...

All Titles
  • The Long Grey Line
  • BE: Au dessus de la gloire Au dessus de la gloire
  • BE: Boven de glorie Boven de glorie
  • BR: Código de Honra Código de Honra
  • DK: Kampen for æren Kampen for æren
  • FI: Mies pimeässä Mies pimeässä
  • FR: Retour sans espoir Retour sans espoir
  • GR: Stis floges tou polemou Stis floges tou polemou
  • IT: Codice d'onore Codice d'onore
  • NO: Medaljens bakside Medaljens bakside
  • PT: Código de Honra Código de Honra
  • SE: Mannen i mörkret Mannen i mörkret
  • VE: Código de honor Código de honor
Directed by John Farrow
Artists Alan Ladd
as Capt. Rockwell 'Rocky' Gilman
Release date 31 Jan 1949
Genre Drama
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