Best in Show 2000

A colorful array of characters compete at a national dog show.

All Titles
  • Dog Show
  • Dogumentary
  • AR: Very Important Perros Very Important Perros
  • BR: O Melhor do Show O Melhor do Show
  • BG: Шампионите Шампионите
  • CA: Le clou du spectacle Le clou du spectacle
  • FR: Bêtes de scène Bêtes de scène
  • GR: Skylisia zoi Skylisia zoi
  • GR: Σκυλίσια Ζωή Σκυλίσια Ζωή
  • HU: Nem kutya Nem kutya
  • IT: Campioni di razza Campioni di razza
  • JP: Dog Show! Dog Show!
  • PL: Medal dla miss Medal dla miss
  • PT: Donos de Estimação Donos de Estimação
  • RU: Победители шоу Победители шоу
  • RS: Najlepši pas na izložbi Najlepši pas na izložbi
  • ES: Very Important Perros Very Important Perros
  • TR: En Güzel Köpek En Güzel Köpek
Directed by Christopher Guest
Artists Parker Posey
as Meg Swan
Lewis Arquette
as Fern City Show Spectator
Bob Balaban
as Dr. Theodore W. Millbank, III
Release date 20 Oct 2000
Genre Comedy
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