Belle Starr 1941

At the end of the Civil War, an embittered Southern belle joins forces with a Confederate guerrilla leader to raid Union towns.

All Titles
  • Belle Starr 'The Bandit Queen'
  • AR: La indómita La indómita
  • BE: De rebellenvorstin De rebellenvorstin
  • BE: La reine des rebelles La reine des rebelles
  • BR: A Formosa Bandida A Formosa Bandida
  • BR: Formosa Bandida Formosa Bandida
  • CA: Belle Starr Belle Starr
  • FI: Rosvojen kuningatar Rosvojen kuningatar
  • FR: La reine des rebelles La reine des rebelles
  • GR: Vasilissa tou vounou Vasilissa tou vounou
  • IT: La ribelle del sud La ribelle del sud
  • MX: La indómita La indómita
  • PT: A Lenda da Raposa Vermelha A Lenda da Raposa Vermelha
  • RO: Belle Starr regina rebelilor Belle Starr regina rebelilor
  • ES: Belle Starr Belle Starr
  • SE: En laglös kvinna En laglös kvinna
  • UA: Belle Starr 'The Bandit Queen' Belle Starr 'The Bandit Queen'
Directed by Irving Cummings
Artists Randolph Scott
as Sam Starr
Release date 12 Sep 1941
Genre Western
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