Beethoven's Big Break 2008

Eddie, a struggling animal trainer and single dad suddenly finds himself the personal wrangler for a large and lovable St. Bernard whose fabulous movie "audition" catapults the dog to ...

All Titles
  • Beethoven's 6th
  • Beethoven: The Reel Story
  • AR: Beethoven 6: Super Estrella Beethoven 6: Super Estrella
  • BR: Beethoven: A Corrida para a Fama Beethoven: A Corrida para a Fama
  • BG: Бетовен става известен Бетовен става известен
  • CA: Beethoven: Une star est née Beethoven: Une star est née
  • HR: Beethovenova velika avantura Beethovenova velika avantura
  • EE: Beethoven läheb Hollywoodi Beethoven läheb Hollywoodi
  • FI: Beethovenin kuudes Beethovenin kuudes
  • FR: Beethoven nouvelle star Beethoven nouvelle star
  • DE: Beethovens großer Durchbruch Beethovens großer Durchbruch
  • GR: Beethoven - Kariera sto Hollywood Beethoven - Kariera sto Hollywood
  • HU: Beethoven nagy áttörése Beethoven nagy áttörése
  • IT: Beethoven 6 - A caccia di Oss... car! Beethoven 6 - A caccia di Oss... car!
  • PT: Beethoven em Hollywood Beethoven em Hollywood
  • RU: Бетховен: Большой бросок Бетховен: Большой бросок
  • RS: Betoven 6 Betoven 6
  • ES: Beethoven - La gran oportunidad Beethoven - La gran oportunidad
  • SE: Beethovens stora genombrott Beethovens stora genombrott
  • TR: Beethoven Kirmizi Halida Beethoven Kirmizi Halida
  • UA: Бетховен 6 Бетховен 6
Directed by Mike Elliott
Artists Jonathan Silverman
as Eddie
Joey Fatone
as Bones
Dee Bradley Baker
as Animals (voice)
Release date 30 Dec 2008
Genre Comedy Family
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