Because of Him 1946

A young woman who wants to break into the theater schemes to become the protege of a famous Broadway star.

All Titles
  • Catherine the Last
  • Seinetwegen
  • AT: Kleines Mädel - Große Lüge Kleines Mädel - Große Lüge
  • BR: Por Causa Dele Por Causa Dele
  • FI: Sinun tähtesi Sinun tähtesi
  • GR: To milon tis eridos To milon tis eridos
  • IT: La commedia è finita La commedia è finita
  • MX: Por su culpa Por su culpa
  • PT: Por Causa Dele Por Causa Dele
  • ES: Su primera noche Su primera noche
  • SE: För hans skull För hans skull
  • YU: Sve zbog njega Sve zbog njega
Directed by Richard Wallace show all movies of Richard Wallace
Artists Charles Laughton
as John Sheridan
Deanna Durbin
as Kim Walker
Bobby Barber
as Stagehand
Release date 18 Jan 1946
Genre Comedy Musical Romance
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