Beautiful & Twisted 2015

Following the murder of hotel heir Ben Novack Jr., police focus their investigation on his wife, Narcy.

All Titles
  • Beautiful & Twisted
  • Beautiful and Twisted
  • The Novack Murders
  • BR: Linda Loucura Linda Loucura
  • FR: Tes milliards m'appartiennent Tes milliards m'appartiennent
  • HU: Gyönyörű és agyafúrt Gyönyörű és agyafúrt
  • IT: Il caso Novak Il caso Novak
  • PT: Linda e Louca Linda e Louca
  • RO: Cazul Novack Cazul Novack
  • RU: Красивая и безумная Красивая и безумная
  • : Beautiful and Twisted Beautiful and Twisted
Directed by Christopher Zalla
Artists Candice Bergen
as Bernice
Rob Lowe
as Ben Novack Jr.
Sharisse Baker-Bernard
as Young Bernice
Release date 31 Jan 2015
Genre Crime Drama Thriller
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