Be Kind Rewind 2008

Two bumbling store clerks inadvertently erase the footage from all of the tapes in their video rental store. In order to keep the business running, they re-shoot every film in the store with their own camera, with a budget of zero dollars.

All Titles
  • UA: Be Kind Rewind Be Kind Rewind
  • AR: Rebobinados Rebobinados
  • BR: Rebobine, por Favor Rebobine, por Favor
  • CA: Vidéo sur demande Vidéo sur demande
  • CL: Rebobinados Rebobinados
  • CO: Originalmente pirata Originalmente pirata
  • HR: Molim te, premotaj Molim te, premotaj
  • FR: Soyez sympas, rembobinez Soyez sympas, rembobinez
  • DE: Abgedreht Abgedreht
  • GR: Gyrna to monos sou Gyrna to monos sou
  • GR: Γύρνα το μόνος σου Γύρνα το μόνος σου
  • HU: Tekerd vissza, haver! Tekerd vissza, haver!
  • IT: Be Kind Rewind - Gli acchiappafilm Be Kind Rewind - Gli acchiappafilm
  • JP: Bokura no mirai e gyaku kaiten Bokura no mirai e gyaku kaiten
  • MX: Originalmente pirata Originalmente pirata
  • PL: Ratunku! Awaria Ratunku! Awaria
  • PT: Por Favor Rebobine Por Favor Rebobine
  • RO: Va rugam sa derulati Va rugam sa derulati
  • RU: Перемотка Перемотка
  • SI: Bodite uvidevni, previjte Bodite uvidevni, previjte
  • ES: Rebobine, por favor Rebobine, por favor
  • TR: Lütfen basa sarin Lütfen basa sarin
  • UY: Rebobinados Rebobinados
Directed by Michel Gondry
Artists Sigourney Weaver
as Ms. Lawson
Danny Glover
as Mr. Fletcher
Mia Farrow
as Miss Falewicz
Release date 22 Feb 2008
Genre Comedy
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