Barney & Friends 1992

From pretending to be a pilot on a make-believe airplane to pretending to be a pirate in search of buried treasure, Barney's friends discover that creativity lets them soar in the wings of imagination!

All Titles
  • Barney & Friends
  • Barney y sus amigos
  • Barney
  • AU: Barney Barney
  • BR: Barney e Seus Amigos Barney e Seus Amigos
  • FR: Barney Barney
  • GR: Barney Barney
  • HU: Barney és barátai Barney és barátai
  • JP: Barney to eigo de asobo! Barney to eigo de asobo!
  • PL: Barney i przyjaciele Barney i przyjaciele
  • RU: Барни и друзья Барни и друзья
Artists Brice Armstrong
as 8 episodes, 1997-2000
Release date 06 Apr 1992
Genre Family
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