Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach 2008

A high school janitor has not recovered from his failed career as a tennis pro. He begins coaching his beloved sport to a group of misfits and leads them to the Nebraska State Championships.

All Titles
  • Gary the Tennis Coach
  • Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story
  • CA: Hors-Jeu - Une histoire de Tennis Hors-Jeu - Une histoire de Tennis
  • HR: Jeste li za tenis? Jeste li za tenis?
  • FI: Ball's Out Ball's Out
  • GR: Piaste ta balakia Piaste ta balakia
  • GR: Πιάστε τα μπαλάκια Πιάστε τα μπαλάκια
  • HU: Ütős csapat Ütős csapat
  • PL: Uwaga, nadchodzi trener Gary Uwaga, nadchodzi trener Gary
  • PT: Bolas Para Fora Bolas Para Fora
  • RU: Гари, тренер по теннису Гари, тренер по теннису
  • RS: Gari, teniski trener Gari, teniski trener
  • SE: Balls Out Balls Out
  • UA: Gary the Tennis Coach Gary the Tennis Coach
Directed by Danny Leiner
Artists Randy Quaid
as Coach Lew Tuttle
Seann William Scott
as Gary Houseman
Leonor Varela
as Norma Sanchez
Release date 09 Apr 2009
Genre Comedy Sport
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