Avanture Borivoja Surdilovica 1980

Fascinated by his friend's success abroad, an out-of-work barber Surda tries his luck in Germany. Uncapable to accept any job that would suit him, he returns to his homeland in disappointment. Based on a popular TV serial "Hot Wind".

All Titles
  • YU: Avanture Borivoja Surdilovica Avanture Borivoja Surdilovica
  • YU: Traumtänzer Traumtänzer
  • EU: The Adventures of Borivoje Surdilovic The Adventures of Borivoje Surdilovic
  • HU: Borivoje Surdilovic kalandos élete Borivoje Surdilovic kalandos élete
  • RS: Avanture Borivoja Šurdilovića Avanture Borivoja Šurdilovića
Directed by Aleksandar Djordjevic
Release date 10 Jun 1980
Genre Comedy
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