Ava 2020

Ava is a deadly assassin who works for a black ops organization, traveling the globe specializing in high profile hits. When a job goes dangerously wrong she is forced to fight for her own survival.

All Titles
  • Eve
  • AU: Ava Ava
  • FR: Ava Ava
  • IT: Ava Ava
  • RU: Агент Ева Агент Ева
  • UA: Ava Ava
  • BG: Ейва Ейва
  • CA: Ava Ava
  • CA: Ava Ava
  • DE: Code Ava: Trained to Kill Code Ava: Trained to Kill
  • GR: Επικίνδυνη Ομορφιά Επικίνδυνη Ομορφιά
  • HU: Ava Ava
  • IO: Ava Ava
  • JP: Ava Ava
  • LT: Agente Ava Agente Ava
  • MX: Ava Ava
  • PT: Ava Ava
  • SK: Ava: Bez súcitu Ava: Bez súcitu
  • ES: Ava Ava
  • SE: Final Target Final Target
  • TW: 追殺艾娃 追殺艾娃
  • TH: Ava Ma Laeo Kha Ava Ma Laeo Kha
  • UA: Агент Єва Агент Єва
Directed by Tate Taylor
Artists Geena Davis
Geena Davis
as Bobbi
John Malkovich
Release date 25 Sep 2020
Genre Action Crime Drama Thriller
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