Australian Rules 2002

In Prospect Bay, a remote outpost on the South Australian coast, two communities, the Goonyas and the Nungas, come together on the one field they have in common, the football field. But the...

All Titles
  • AU: Australian Rules Australian Rules
  • AU: Deadly Unna Deadly Unna
  • AU: Deadly, Unna? Deadly, Unna?
  • GR: Afstralezikoi kanones Afstralezikoi kanones
  • GR: Anthropinoi kanones Anthropinoi kanones
  • HU: Ausztrál játékszabályok Ausztrál játékszabályok
  • PT: Futebol Australiano Futebol Australiano
Directed by Paul Goldman show all movies of Paul Goldman
Artists Tony Briggs
as Pretty
Tom Budge
as Pickles
Luke Carroll
as Dumby Red
Release date 29 Aug 2002
Genre Drama Romance Sport
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