Austin & Ally 2011

Following the lives of Austin, an aspiring confident musician, Ally, a quiet talented songwriter and their two friends.

All Titles
  • Austin & Ally
  • FR: Austin et Ally Austin et Ally
  • GR: Όστιν & Άλι Όστιν & Άλι
  • HU: Austin és Ally Austin és Ally
  • JP: Ôsutexin & Arî Ôsutexin & Arî
  • NO: Austin & Ally Austin & Ally
  • PL: Austin i Ally Austin i Ally
  • PT: Austin e Ally Austin e Ally
  • RU: Остин и Элли Остин и Элли
  • RS: Ostin i Ali Ostin i Ali
  • ES: Austin y Ally Austin y Ally
  • TR: Austin ve Ally Austin ve Ally
Artists Robert Picardo
as 1 episode, 2012
Harry Van Gorkum
as 2 episodes, 2014-2015
Alex Meneses
as 1 episode, 2015
Release date 02 Dec 2011
Genre Comedy Family Music
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