Atlit 2014

In October 1995 three French sisters gather in Atlit, Israel to sell the family home. Tensions arise between elders Darel and Cali when Darel proves unwilling to sell. That's when the sisters start seeing apparitions of their dead parents.

All Titles
  • FR: Atlit Atlit
  • FR: Rendez-vous à Atlit Rendez-vous à Atlit
  • IL: Atlit Atlit
  • IT: La casa delle estati lontane La casa delle estati lontane
Directed by Shirel Amitay
Artists Yaël Abecassis
as Darel
Gilles Ben-David
as Neighbour (as Gilles Bendavid)
Eran Bohem
as Policeman
Release date 06 Jun 2014
Genre Comedy Drama Fantasy
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