Artists and Models Abroad 1938

Buck Boswell and his all-girl troupe are stranded in Paris, but Buck manages to con the manager of the 'Hotel de Navarre' in furnishing accommodations for his group, but the proprietor's ...

All Titles
  • Artists and Models
  • BR: No Turbilhão Parisiense No Turbilhão Parisiense
  • FI: Taiteilijoita ja malleja Taiteilijoita ja malleja
  • PT: No Turbilhão de Paris No Turbilhão de Paris
  • ES: Cómicos en París Cómicos en París
  • SE: Modeller i Paris Modeller i Paris
  • UA: Stranded in Paris Stranded in Paris
Directed by Mitchell Leisen
Artists Joan Bennett
as Patricia Harper
Jack Benny
as Buck Boswell
Release date 20 Dec 1938
Genre Comedy Musical Romance
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