Argo 2012

Acting under the cover of a Hollywood producer scouting a location for a science fiction film, a CIA agent launches a dangerous operation to rescue six Americans in Tehran during the U.S. hostage crisis in Iran in 1979.

All Titles
  • Escape from Tehran
  • AR: Argo Argo
  • BA: Argo Argo
  • BR: Argo Argo
  • BG: Арго Арго
  • CA: Argo Argo
  • HR: Argo Argo
  • DK: Operation Argo Operation Argo
  • FR: Argo Argo
  • GR: Epiheirisi: Argo Epiheirisi: Argo
  • GR: Επιχείρηση: Argo Επιχείρηση: Argo
  • HU: Az Argo-akció Az Argo-akció
  • IL: Argo Argo
  • LT: Operacija Argo Operacija Argo
  • NO: Operasjon Argo Operasjon Argo
  • PL: Operacja Argo Operacja Argo
  • PT: Argo Argo
  • RO: Argo Argo
  • RU: Операция Арго Операция Арго
  • RS: Argo Argo
  • SI: Misija Argo Misija Argo
  • ES: Argo Argo
  • TR: Operasyon: Argo Operasyon: Argo
  • UA: Арго Арго
Directed by Ben Affleck
Artists Adrienne Barbeau
as Nina / Serksi the Gallactic Witch
Ben Affleck
as Tony Mendez
Alan Arkin
as Lester Siegel
Release date 12 Oct 2012
Genre Biography Drama Thriller
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