Are You Here 2013

Two childhood best friends, one a superficial womanizer and the other a barely functioning bipolar, embark on a road trip back to their hometown after one of them learns his estranged father has died.

All Titles
  • You Are here
  • AZ: Sen Burdasan Sen Burdasan
  • BR: Para o Que Der e Vier Para o Que Der e Vier
  • CA: Es-tu là? Es-tu là?
  • HR: Veliko nasljedstvo Veliko nasljedstvo
  • DE: Nichts wie weg Nichts wie weg
  • HU: Ki van itt? Ki van itt?
  • LV: Tu esi seit Tu esi seit
  • LT: Tu esi cia Tu esi cia
  • MX: Un amigo como tú Un amigo como tú
  • PL: Duet na zóltych papierach Duet na zóltych papierach
  • PT: Amigos Para o Que Der e Vier Amigos Para o Que Der e Vier
  • RU: Ты здесь Ты здесь
  • SI: Moj odbiti prijatelj Moj odbiti prijatelj
  • ES: ¿Estás aquí? ¿Estás aquí?
  • TR: Burada misin? Burada misin?
  • VN: Ngô Làm Triêu Phú Ngô Làm Triêu Phú
Directed by Matthew Weiner
Artists Peter Bogdanovich
as Judge Harlan Plath
Edward Herrmann
as Dr. Vincent
Owen Wilson
as Steve Dallas
Release date 22 Aug 2014
Genre Comedy Drama
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