Are We There Yet? 2005

To impress a foxy divorcee, ladies' man Nick offers to take her kids on an extended road trip, unaware of the torture he's in for.

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  • AR: Quieren volverme loco Quieren volverme loco
  • BR: Querem Acabar Comigo Querem Acabar Comigo
  • CA: Quand est-ce qu'on arrive? Quand est-ce qu'on arrive?
  • HR: Jesmo li stigli? Jesmo li stigli?
  • FI: Ollaanko jo perillä? Ollaanko jo perillä?
  • FR: On arrive quand? On arrive quand?
  • DE: Sind wir schon da? Sind wir schon da?
  • GR: Taxidiotes tis symforas! Taxidiotes tis symforas!
  • HU: Tor-túra Tor-túra
  • IT: Io, lei e i suoi bambini Io, lei e i suoi bambini
  • MX: Quieren volverme loco Quieren volverme loco
  • PL: Daleko jeszcze? Daleko jeszcze?
  • PT: Estás Frito, Meu! Estás Frito, Meu!
  • RU: Ну что, приехали? Ну что, приехали?
  • RS: Da li smo stigli? Da li smo stigli?
  • SK: Uz sme tam? Uz sme tam?
  • ES: ¿Cuándo llegamos? ¿Cuándo llegamos?
  • TR: Gelmedik mi Hâlâ? Gelmedik mi Hâlâ?
  • UA: Ну що, приiхали? Ну що, приiхали?
Directed by Brian Levant show all movies of Brian Levant
Artists Nia Long
as Suzanne Kingston
Ice Cube
as Nick Persons
Jay Mohr
as Marty
Release date 21 Jan 2005
Genre Adventure Comedy Family Romance
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