Antz 1998

A rather neurotic ant tries to break from his totalitarian society while trying to win the affection of the princess he loves.

All Titles
  • Ants
  • AR: Antz Antz
  • AU: Antz Antz
  • AT: Antz Antz
  • BE: Fourmiz Fourmiz
  • BE: Antz Antz
  • BR: Formiguinhaz Formiguinhaz
  • BR: Formigaz Formigaz
  • BG: Мравката Z Мравката Z
  • BG: Mravkata Z Mravkata Z
  • CA: Fourmiz Fourmiz
  • CA: Antz Antz
  • CL: Hormiguitaz Hormiguitaz
  • HR: Mravi Mravi
  • CZ: Mravenec Z Mravenec Z
  • DK: Antz Antz
  • EE: Zipelgad Zipelgad
  • FI: Antz - Muurahaizet Antz - Muurahaizet
  • FI: Muurahaizet Muurahaizet
  • FI: Antz - Muurahaiset Antz - Muurahaiset
  • FR: Fourmiz Fourmiz
  • GE: Chianchvelebi Chianchvelebi
  • DE: Antz Antz
  • DE: Antz - Was krabbelt da? Antz - Was krabbelt da?
  • GR: Antz Antz
  • HU: Z, a hangya Z, a hangya
  • IS: Avodut Nemalim Avodut Nemalim
  • IE: Antz Antz
  • IL: Ants Work Ants Work
  • IL: Avodut Nemalim Avodut Nemalim
  • IT: Z la formica Z la formica
  • JP: Antz Antz
  • LT: Skruzdeliukas Z Skruzdeliukas Z
  • MY: Semut yang Semut yang
  • MX: Antz: Hormiguitaz Antz: Hormiguitaz
  • NL: Antz Antz
  • PE: Hormiguitaz Hormiguitaz
  • PL: Mrówka Z Mrówka Z
  • PT: Formiga Z Formiga Z
  • RO: Furnicutze Furnicutze
  • RU: Муравей Антц Муравей Антц
  • RU: Muravey Antts Muravey Antts
  • RS: Mravci Mravci
  • SK: Mravec Z Mravec Z
  • SI: Mravljinec Z Mravljinec Z
  • ES: Antz (Hormigaz) Antz (Hormigaz)
  • SE: Antz Antz
  • TR: Karinca Z Karinca Z
  • UA: Мураха Антц Мураха Антц
  • UA: Antz Antz
  • VE: Hormiguitaz Hormiguitaz
Directed by Eric Darnell Tim Johnson
Artists Woody Allen
as Z
Dan Aykroyd
as Chip
Jennifer Lopez
as Azteca
Release date 02 Oct 1998
Genre Animation Adventure Comedy Family
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