Another Stakeout 1993

Two immature detectives are joined by a pesky assistant district attorney in staking out a lakeside home where a Mafia trial witness is believed to be heading.

All Titles
  • Stakeout 2
  • AR: Nuevamente al acecho Nuevamente al acecho
  • AU: Another Stakeout Another Stakeout
  • BE: The Lookout The Lookout
  • BR: Uma Nova Tocaia Uma Nova Tocaia
  • BG: Отново в засада Отново в засада
  • CA: Une autre filature Une autre filature
  • HR: Zasjeda 2 Zasjeda 2
  • CZ: Sledování Sledování
  • DK: Flere øjne i natten Flere øjne i natten
  • FI: Toinen kyttäyskeikka Toinen kyttäyskeikka
  • FR: Indiscrétion assurée Indiscrétion assurée
  • DE: Die Abservierer Die Abservierer
  • DE: Die Nacht hat viele Augen II Die Nacht hat viele Augen II
  • GR: Oi tsiliadoroi Oi tsiliadoroi
  • GR: Οι τσιλιαδόροι Οι τσιλιαδόροι
  • HU: Zsarulesen 2. Zsarulesen 2.
  • IR: Zirnazargiri 2 Zirnazargiri 2
  • IT: Occhio al testimone Occhio al testimone
  • NO: Spanerne 2 Spanerne 2
  • PL: Nowa zasadzka Nowa zasadzka
  • PT: Debaixo de Olho II Debaixo de Olho II
  • RU: Слежка 2: Снова в засаде Слежка 2: Снова в засаде
  • RS: Nova zaseda Nova zaseda
  • SI: Policijska zaseda 2 Policijska zaseda 2
  • ES: En el punto de mira En el punto de mira
  • SE: Spanarna 2 Spanarna 2
  • TR: Aynasizlar Is Üstünde Aynasizlar Is Üstünde
  • : Stakeout 2 Stakeout 2
Directed by John Badham show all movies of John Badham
Artists Richard Dreyfuss
as Chris Lecce
Emilio Estevez
as Bill Reimers
Madeleine Stowe
as Maria McGuire
Release date 23 Jul 1993
Genre Comedy Crime
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