Animal Factory 2000

A young man goes to prison and a tough, older convict takes him under his wing as a mentor.

All Titles
  • AR: Fabrica de animales Fabrica de animales
  • AU: Animal Factory Animal Factory
  • BR: Fábrica de animais Fábrica de animais
  • BG: Изкупление Изкупление
  • HR: Zakon zatvora Zakon zatvora
  • HR: Fabrica zivotinja Fabrica zivotinja
  • FI: Elukkatehdas Elukkatehdas
  • FR: Animal Factory Animal Factory
  • DE: Rache eines Verurteilten Rache eines Verurteilten
  • GR: Animal Factory Animal Factory
  • HU: Állati kiképzés Állati kiképzés
  • LT: Gyvuliu fabrikas Gyvuliu fabrikas
  • PL: Gniazdo os Gniazdo os
  • PT: Escola de Criminosos Escola de Criminosos
  • RU: Зверофабрика Зверофабрика
  • RS: Fabrika životinja Fabrika životinja
  • ES: Animal Factory Animal Factory
  • UA: Animal Factory Animal Factory
Directed by Steve Buscemi
Artists Steve Buscemi
as A.R. Hosspack
Willem Dafoe
as Earl Copen
Edward Furlong
as Ron Decker
Release date 01 Aug 2000
Genre Crime Drama
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