Anger Management 2003

Dave Buznik is a businessman who is wrongly sentenced to an anger management program, where he meets an aggressive instructor.

All Titles
  • AR: Locos de ira Locos de ira
  • AT: Die Wutprobe Die Wutprobe
  • BA: Kontrola Besa Kontrola Besa
  • BR: Tratamento de Choque Tratamento de Choque
  • BG: Психаротерапия Психаротерапия
  • CA: Méchant malade Méchant malade
  • HR: Kontrola Besa Kontrola Besa
  • HR: Kontrola bijesa Kontrola bijesa
  • EE: Viharavi Viharavi
  • FI: Anger management - kiukkuterapian tarpeessa Anger management - kiukkuterapian tarpeessa
  • FR: Self Control Self Control
  • DE: Die Wutprobe Die Wutprobe
  • GR: Askiseis iremias Askiseis iremias
  • GR: Ασκήσεις ηρεμίας Ασκήσεις ηρεμίας
  • HU: Ki nevel a végén? Ki nevel a végén?
  • IT: Terapia d'urto Terapia d'urto
  • LV: Dusmu Terapija Dusmu Terapija
  • LT: Psichoterapija Psichoterapija
  • MX: Locos de ira Locos de ira
  • NO: Terapi for korte lunter Terapi for korte lunter
  • PE: Locos de ira Locos de ira
  • PL: Dwóch gniewnych ludzi Dwóch gniewnych ludzi
  • PT: Terapia de Choque Terapia de Choque
  • RO: Al naibii tratament! Al naibii tratament!
  • RU: Управление гневом Управление гневом
  • RS: Bez ljutnje, molim Bez ljutnje, molim
  • SI: Bes pod kontrolo Bes pod kontrolo
  • ES: Ejecutivo agresivo Ejecutivo agresivo
  • ES: Executivo agresivo Executivo agresivo
  • TR: Asabiyim Asabiyim
  • UA: Контроль над гнiвом Контроль над гнiвом
  • UY: Locos de ira Locos de ira
  • VE: Locos de ira Locos de ira
Directed by Peter Segal
Artists Jack Nicholson
as Dr. Buddy Rydell
Woody Harrelson
as Galaxia / Security Guard Gary
John C. Reilly
as Older Arnie Shankman
Release date 11 Apr 2003
Genre Comedy
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Anger Management 2003