Angel Heart 1987

A private investigator is hired by a man who calls himself Louis Cyphre to track down a singer named Johnny Favorite. But the investigation takes an unexpected and somber turn.

All Titles
  • UA: Angel Heart Angel Heart
  • AR: Corazón Satánico Corazón Satánico
  • AT: Angel Heart Angel Heart
  • BR: Coração Satânico Coração Satânico
  • BG: Ангелско сърце Ангелско сърце
  • CA: Aux portes de l'enfer Aux portes de l'enfer
  • DK: Djævelen i hjertet Djævelen i hjertet
  • FI: Det förhäxade hjärtat Det förhäxade hjärtat
  • FI: Noiduttu sydän Noiduttu sydän
  • FR: Angel Heart - Aux portes de l'enfer Angel Heart - Aux portes de l'enfer
  • GR: Daimonismenos angelos Daimonismenos angelos
  • GR: Δαιμονισμένος άγγελος Δαιμονισμένος άγγελος
  • HU: Angyalszív Angyalszív
  • IT: Angel Heart - Ascensore per l'inferno Angel Heart - Ascensore per l'inferno
  • JP: Angel Heart Angel Heart
  • LT: Angelo širdis Angelo širdis
  • MX: Corazón satánico Corazón satánico
  • MX: Corazón de ángel Corazón de ángel
  • PE: Corazón satánico Corazón satánico
  • PL: Harry Angel Harry Angel
  • PT: Angel Heart - Nas Portas do Inferno Angel Heart - Nas Portas do Inferno
  • RU: Сердце Ангела Сердце Ангела
  • RS: Anđeosko srce Anđeosko srce
  • SI: Angelsko srce Angelsko srce
  • UA: Сердце Ангела Сердце Ангела
  • ES: El corazón del ángel El corazón del ángel
  • TR: Seytan çikmazi Seytan çikmazi
  • UA: Серце Ангела Серце Ангела
  • UY: Corazón satánico Corazón satánico
  • UA: Angel Heart Angel Heart
Directed by Alan Parker
Artists Robert De Niro
as Louis Cyphre
Mickey Rourke
as Harry Angel
Lisa Bonet
as Epiphany Proudfoot
Release date 06 Mar 1987
Genre Horror Mystery Thriller
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