Along Came Polly 2004

A buttoned up newlywed finds his too organized life falling into chaos when he falls in love with an old classmate.

All Titles
  • Risk
  • Untitled John Hamburg Project
  • AR: Mi novia Polly Mi novia Polly
  • AT: ...und dann kam Polly ...und dann kam Polly
  • BR: Quero Ficar com Polly Quero Ficar com Polly
  • BG: Along Came Polly Along Came Polly
  • BG: Завръщането на Поли Завръщането на Поли
  • CA: Voici Polly Voici Polly
  • HR: Napokon Polly Napokon Polly
  • CZ: Riskni to s Polly Riskni to s Polly
  • CZ: Risknem to s Polly Risknem to s Polly
  • DK: Men så kom Polly Men så kom Polly
  • EE: Probleemid Pollyga Probleemid Pollyga
  • FI: Polly tuli kuvioihin Polly tuli kuvioihin
  • FR: Polly et moi Polly et moi
  • DE: ...und dann kam Polly ...und dann kam Polly
  • GR: Otan gnorisa tin Poly Otan gnorisa tin Poly
  • GR: Οταν Γνώρισα την Πόλυ Οταν Γνώρισα την Πόλυ
  • HU: Derült égből Polly Derült égből Polly
  • IT: ...E alla fine arriva Polly ...E alla fine arriva Polly
  • JP: Bobby my love Bobby my love
  • LT: Ir štai atejo Poli Ir štai atejo Poli
  • MX: Mi novia Polly Mi novia Polly
  • NO: Og så kom Polly Og så kom Polly
  • PA: Mi novia Polly Mi novia Polly
  • PL: Nadchodzi Polly Nadchodzi Polly
  • PT: Romance Arriscado Romance Arriscado
  • RO: Surprizã: Vine Polly! Surprizã: Vine Polly!
  • RU: А вот и Полли А вот и Полли
  • RS: I onda je naišla Poli I onda je naišla Poli
  • SI: In prisla je Poli In prisla je Poli
  • ES: Y entonces llegó ella Y entonces llegó ella
  • SE: ...och så kom Polly ...och så kom Polly
  • CH: ...und dann kam Polly ...und dann kam Polly
  • TR: Polly gelince Polly gelince
  • UA: А ось i Поллi А ось i Поллi
Directed by John Hamburg show all movies of John Hamburg
Artists Jennifer Aniston
as Polly Prince
Hank Azaria
as Claude
Alec Baldwin
as Stan Indursky
Release date 16 Jan 2004
Genre Comedy Romance
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