Along Came Polly 2004

Comedy Romance

A buttoned up newlywed finds his too organized life falling into chaos when he falls in love with an old classmate.

All Titles
  • Risk
  • Untitled John Hamburg Project
  • AR: Mi novia Polly Mi novia Polly
  • AT: ...und dann kam Polly ...und dann kam Polly
  • BR: Quero Ficar com Polly Quero Ficar com Polly
  • BG: Along Came Polly Along Came Polly
  • BG: Завръщането на Поли Завръщането на Поли
  • CA: Voici Polly Voici Polly
  • HR: Napokon Polly Napokon Polly
  • CZ: Riskni to s Polly Riskni to s Polly
  • CZ: Risknem to s Polly Risknem to s Polly
  • DK: Men så kom Polly Men så kom Polly
  • EE: Probleemid Pollyga Probleemid Pollyga
  • FI: Polly tuli kuvioihin Polly tuli kuvioihin
  • FR: Polly et moi Polly et moi
  • DE: ...und dann kam Polly ...und dann kam Polly
  • GR: Otan gnorisa tin Poly Otan gnorisa tin Poly
  • GR: Οταν Γνώρισα την Πόλυ Οταν Γνώρισα την Πόλυ
  • HU: Derült égből Polly Derült égből Polly
  • IT: ...E alla fine arriva Polly ...E alla fine arriva Polly
  • JP: Bobby my love Bobby my love
  • LT: Ir štai atejo Poli Ir štai atejo Poli
  • MX: Mi novia Polly Mi novia Polly
  • NO: Og så kom Polly Og så kom Polly
  • PA: Mi novia Polly Mi novia Polly
  • PL: Nadchodzi Polly Nadchodzi Polly
  • PT: Romance Arriscado Romance Arriscado
  • RO: Surprizã: Vine Polly! Surprizã: Vine Polly!
  • RU: А вот и Полли А вот и Полли
  • RS: I onda je naišla Poli I onda je naišla Poli
  • SI: In prisla je Poli In prisla je Poli
  • ES: Y entonces llegó ella Y entonces llegó ella
  • SE: ...och så kom Polly ...och så kom Polly
  • CH: ...und dann kam Polly ...und dann kam Polly
  • TR: Polly gelince Polly gelince
  • UA: А ось i Поллi А ось i Поллi
Director John Hamburg
Artists Jennifer Aniston
as Polly Prince
Hank Azaria
as Claude
Alec Baldwin
as Stan Indursky
Released 16 Jan 2004
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