Almost Famous 2000

A high-school boy is given the chance to write a story for Rolling Stone Magazine about an up-and-coming rock band as he accompanies them on their concert tour.

All Titles
  • The Uncool
  • Untitled: Almost Famous the Bootleg Cut
  • Something Real
  • Stillwater
  • Untitled Cameron Crowe Project
  • AR: Casi famosos Casi famosos
  • BR: Quase Famosos Quase Famosos
  • BG: Почти известни Почти известни
  • CA: Presque célèbre Presque célèbre
  • CL: Casi Famosos Casi Famosos
  • HR: Korak do slave Korak do slave
  • DK: Almost Famous Almost Famous
  • EE: Kuulsuse jahil Kuulsuse jahil
  • FI: Melkein julkkis Melkein julkkis
  • FR: Presque célèbre Presque célèbre
  • DE: Almost Famous - Fast berühmt Almost Famous - Fast berühmt
  • GR: Shedon diasimoi Shedon diasimoi
  • GR: Σχεδόν διάσημοι Σχεδόν διάσημοι
  • HU: Majdnem híres Majdnem híres
  • IT: Quasi famosi Quasi famosi
  • JP: Back in Those Days with Penny Lane Back in Those Days with Penny Lane
  • LT: Per žingsni nuo šloves Per žingsni nuo šloves
  • MX: Casi famosos Casi famosos
  • NO: Almost Famous Almost Famous
  • PE: Casi famosos Casi famosos
  • PL: U progu sławy U progu sławy
  • PT: Quase Famosos Quase Famosos
  • RO: Aproape celebri Aproape celebri
  • RU: Почти знаменит Почти знаменит
  • RS: Korak do slave Korak do slave
  • SI: Skoraj popularni Skoraj popularni
  • ES: Casi famosos Casi famosos
  • TR: Sohrete Bir Adim Sohrete Bir Adim
  • UA: Майже знаменитi Майже знаменитi
  • UY: Casi famosos Casi famosos
Directed by Cameron Crowe
Artists Fairuza Balk
as Sapphire
Philip Seymour Hoffman
as Lester Bangs
Frances McDormand
as Elaine Miller
Release date 22 Sep 2000
Genre Adventure Comedy Drama Music
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Almost Famous 2000