Allein gegen die Zeit 2010

Two seasons, two story arcs. Season one, a bunch of terrorists take over a school to get to an instructor who has access to an advanced scientific device. A core group of youngsters fight ...

All Titles
  • DE: Allein gegen die Zeit Allein gegen die Zeit
  • FI: 13 tuntia 13 tuntia
  • NL: 13 uur: Race tegen de klok 13 uur: Race tegen de klok
  • DE: 13 Hours: Race Against Time 13 Hours: Race Against Time
  • DE: 13 Hours 13 Hours
Artists Suzan Anbeh
as 4 episodes, 2012
Thomas Arnold
as 12 episodes, 2011-2012
Emily Behr
as 13 episodes, 2010
Release date 05 Jan 2010
Genre Adventure Drama Family
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