All in the Family 1968

Comedy Drama

A working class man constantly squabbles with his family over the important issues of the day.

All Titles
  • Все в семье
  • Justice for All
  • Those Were the Days
  • BR: Tudo em família Tudo em família
  • FI: Perhe on pahin Perhe on pahin
  • DE: Es bleibt in der Familie Es bleibt in der Familie
  • IT: Arcibaldo Arcibaldo
  • PE: Mi familia Mi familia
  • PT: Uma Família às Direitas Uma Família às Direitas
  • RU: Все в семье Все в семье
  • ES: Todo en familia Todo en familia
  • SE: Under samma tak Under samma tak
Artists Henry Fonda
as 1 episode, 1974
James Cromwell
as 3 episodes, 1974
Billy Crystal
as 1 episode, 1976
Released 12 Jan 1971
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