Airport 1970

A bomber on board an airplane, an airport almost closed by snow, and various personal problems of the people involved.

All Titles
  • Аэропорт
  • AR: Aeropuerto Aeropuerto
  • AT: Airport Airport
  • BR: Aeroporto Aeroporto
  • BG: Летище Летище
  • CA: Aéroport Aéroport
  • DK: Airport - vinger af ild Airport - vinger af ild
  • FI: Flygplatsen Flygplatsen
  • FI: Kiitorata Kiitorata
  • FR: Airport Airport
  • GR: Diethnes aerodromio Diethnes aerodromio
  • IR: Forudgah Forudgah
  • JP: Dai kûkô Dai kûkô
  • MX: Aeropuerto Aeropuerto
  • NL: Luchthaven onder hoogspanning Luchthaven onder hoogspanning
  • NO: Lufthavn Lufthavn
  • PE: Aeropuerto Aeropuerto
  • PL: Port lotniczy Port lotniczy
  • PT: Aeroporto Aeroporto
  • RO: Aeroportul Aeroportul
  • ES: Aeropuerto Aeropuerto
  • SE: Airport - Flygplatsen Airport - Flygplatsen
  • SE: Flygplatsen Flygplatsen
  • TR: Havaalani Havaalani
  • UA: Аеропорт Аеропорт
Directed by George Seaton,Henry Hathaway show all movies of George Seaton,Henry Hathaway
Artists Burt Lancaster
as Mel Bakersfeld
Jacqueline Bisset
as Gwen Meighen
Release date 25 Mar 1970
Genre Action Drama Thriller
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