Act of Valor 2011

An elite team of Navy SEALs embark on a covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent.

All Titles
  • I Am That Man
  • The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
  • AR: Acto de valor Acto de valor
  • AU: Act of Valour Act of Valour
  • BR: Ato de Coragem Ato de Coragem
  • BG: Мъже от стомана Мъже от стомана
  • CA: Acte de bravoure Acte de bravoure
  • FR: Act of Valor: Les Soldats de l'Ombre Act of Valor: Les Soldats de l'Ombre
  • HU: A bátorság törvénye A bátorság törvénye
  • IL: Act shel gvura Act shel gvura
  • JP: Navy Seals Navy Seals
  • LT: Nenugalimieji: narsos istatymas Nenugalimieji: narsos istatymas
  • MX: Invencibles Invencibles
  • NO: Act of Valor Act of Valor
  • PE: Los invencibles Los invencibles
  • PL: Akt odwagi Akt odwagi
  • PT: Homens de Coragem Homens de Coragem
  • RO: Invincibil Invincibil
  • RU: Закон доблести Закон доблести
  • ES: Acto de valor Acto de valor
  • TR: Seref Madalyasi Seref Madalyasi
  • UA: Act of Valour Act of Valour
Directed by Mike McCoy Scott Waugh
Artists Antoni Corone
as Yacht Henchman #1 (as Anthony Corone)
Jason Cottle
as Abu Shabal
Craig H. Davidson
as Recruit
Release date 24 Feb 2012
Genre Action Adventure Drama Thriller War
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Act of Valor 2011