Accidentally on Purpose 2009

Billie, a woman in her 30's, wants to settle down and have a family. When she tells her boyfriend James this, he tells her he doesn't want that, so they break up. She gets drunk and hooks ...

All Titles
  • BG: Нарочно по случайност Нарочно по случайност
  • HR: Kao slučajno Kao slučajno
  • EE: Kogemata meelega Kogemata meelega
  • FI: Puolivahingossa Puolivahingossa
  • DE: Aus Versehen glücklich Aus Versehen glücklich
  • GR: Accidentally on Purpose Accidentally on Purpose
  • HU: Szerencsés véletlen Szerencsés véletlen
  • PL: Przypadek zgodny z planem Przypadek zgodny z planem
  • PT: Acidente de Percurso Acidente de Percurso
  • RU: Преднамеренная случайность Преднамеренная случайность
  • RS: Kao slučajno Kao slučajno
  • ES: Casi sin querer Casi sin querer
  • SE: Misstag med mening Misstag med mening
Artists David Sutcliffe
as 2 episodes, 2009
Steve Agee
as 1 episode, 2010
April Audia
as 1 episode, 2009
Release date 05 Jun 2009
Genre Comedy Romance
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