A Song Is Born 1948

With her gangster boyfriend under investigation by the police, a nightclub singer hides out in a musical research institution staffed by bachelor professors - one of whom begins to fall for her.

All Titles
  • Песня рождена
  • That's Life
  • Die tollkühne Rettung der Gangsterbraut Honey Swanson
  • AR: Nace una canción Nace una canción
  • BR: A Canção Prometida A Canção Prometida
  • BG: Раждането на песента Раждането на песента
  • DK: Swing-professoren Swing-professoren
  • FI: Professori Professori
  • FR: Si bémol et fa dièse Si bémol et fa dièse
  • GR: Iroas me to stanio Iroas me to stanio
  • HU: A zene szerelmese A zene szerelmese
  • IT: Venere e il professore Venere e il professore
  • PL: Narodziny piosenki Narodziny piosenki
  • PT: O Professor de Música O Professor de Música
  • ES: Neix una cançó Neix una cançó
  • ES: Nace una canción Nace una canción
  • SE: Vilda toner Vilda toner
  • YU: Pesma je rodjena Pesma je rodjena
Directed by Howard Hawks
Artists Danny Kaye
as Professor Hobart Frisbee
Hugh Herbert
as Professor Twingle
Louis Armstrong
as Louis Armstrong
Release date 19 Oct 1948
Genre Comedy Music Musical Romance
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