A Shock to the System 1990

When you think you're at the top of the corporate ladder and then discover they have managed to pull that ladder away, sometimes you have to take it upon yourself to "level" the playing ...

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  • Удар по системе
  • AR: Golpe perfecto Golpe perfecto
  • BR: Minhas Idéias Assassinas Minhas Idéias Assassinas
  • BG: Срив в системата Срив в системата
  • FI: Tappaminen on helppoa Tappaminen on helppoa
  • FR: Business oblige Business oblige
  • DE: Mord mit System Mord mit System
  • GR: Sok sto systima Sok sto systima
  • GR: Σοκ στο σύστημα Σοκ στο σύστημα
  • HU: Abrakadabra Abrakadabra
  • HU: Gyilkosságok varázsszóra Gyilkosságok varázsszóra
  • IT: Come fare carriera... molto disonestamente Come fare carriera... molto disonestamente
  • LT: Smugis sistemai Smugis sistemai
  • PL: Szok dla systemu Szok dla systemu
  • PT: Ambição Perigosa Ambição Perigosa
  • RS: Šok za sistem Šok za sistem
  • ES: Un cop al sistema Un cop al sistema
  • ES: Ejecutivo ejecutor Ejecutivo ejecutor
  • SE: Dödlig karriär Dödlig karriär
Directed by Jan Egleson show all movies of Jan Egleson
Artists Samuel L. Jackson
as Ulysses (Three-Card Monte Game)
Michael Caine
as Graham Marshall
Swoosie Kurtz
as Leslie Marshall
Release date 23 Mar 1990
Genre Comedy Crime Thriller
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