500 MPH Storm 2013

When an energy experiment goes haywire, a rash of massive hurricanes rips across North America. A scientist must get his family to safety before the hurricanes merge, creating a "hypercane" with the power to wipe America off the map.

All Titles
  • Hypercane
  • BR: Tempestades em Série Tempestades em Série
  • FR: Supersonic Storm Supersonic Storm
  • FR: Avis de tempête Avis de tempête
  • DE: Hypercane Hypercane
  • DE: Tornado-Apokalypse Tornado-Apokalypse
  • HU: Szuperorkán Szuperorkán
  • IT: Mega Tornado Mega Tornado
  • PL: Hipersztorm Hipersztorm
  • PL: Hiperorkan Hiperorkan
  • PL: Hiperkan Hiperkan
  • RU: Шторм на 500 миль в час Шторм на 500 миль в час
  • ES: Huracán Huracán
  • : Hypercane Der 800km/h Megasturm Hypercane Der 800km/h Megasturm
Directed by Daniel Lusko
Artists Casper Van Dien
as Nathan Sims
Michael Beach
as Simon Caprisi
Joseph J. Lawson
as Tudor (voice)
Release date 01 Nov 2013
Genre Action Adventure Drama Sci-Fi Thriller
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